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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Nicotrol patches

(Nicotrol patches are generic nicotine patches from the same makers of Nicorette, Pfizer, ex Pharmacia)

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How does the Nicotrol patch compare to having a cigarette?
A cigarette delivers nicotine while you are smoking it. Afterward, the level of nicotine in your system quickly drops, so you begin to have cravings again. Cigarettes deliver nicotine faster, along with toxins and carcinogens. The Nicotrol patch delivers a steady amount of nicotine in the bloodstream throughout the entire day, which helps curb your cravings for nicotine.

What is nicotine?
Nicotine is a natural alkaloid found in the tobacco leaf. It is the active ingredient that causes your physical addiction to tobacco.

Is nicotine carcinogenic?
There are over 4,000 different chemical compounds in cigarettes, and, while 60 of those are carcinogenic, nicotine alone has not been proven to cause cancer.

How much nicotine is in one cigarette?
The amount of nicotine you absorb when smoking a cigarette depends on your brand of cigarette and on how you inhale, a cigarette can give anywhere from 1 to 3 mg of nicotine.

To how many cigarettes is one patch equal?
It is difficult to compare cigarettes to a patch because of the different way they deliver nicotine to your body. Cigarettes only deliver nicotine while you are smoking, then the level of nicotine in your system drops to a point where you begin to have cravings again. When you stop smoking, the level of nicotine in your bloodstream quickly drops. The Nicotrol patch will deliver a steady amount of nicotine into the bloodstream.

How much nicotine am I getting?
The Step 1 Nicotrol patch will deliver 15mg of nicotine over a 16-hour period. That equates to 0.9mg per hour.

The Step 2 Nicotrol Patch delivers 10mg of nicotine over a 16-hour period. That equates to 0.6mg per hour.

The Step 3 Nicotrol Patch delivers 5mg of nicotine over a 16-hour period. That equates to 0.3mg per hour.

What is the essential difference between the step-down therapy patch and the original Nicotrol patch?
The previous Nicotrol patch NRT was not a step-down system. With the Nicotrol 16-Hour patch you get the following two important features:
1) The gradual reduction of nicotine in your body during the quitting process;
2) The benefit of a patch that mimics your smoking pattern during the day, which means no delivery of nicotine overnight.

The Nicotrol patch system is designed to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you absorb into your body until you can do without it. Completing the full program will increase your chances of quitting smoking.

Why do Nicotrol patches come in three different strengths?
The Nicotrol patch system is designed to let you gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you absorb into your body. The Nicotrol patch comes in three strengths: 15mg, 10mg, and 5mg.

Step 1: Start with the 15mg patches and use them for six weeks.

Step 2: Switch to the 10mg patches for two weeks.

Step 3: Finally, lower your dose of nicotine by using the 5mg patches for the final two weeks.

How are Nicotrol patches different from other patches?
The Nicotrol patch is designed to deliver a continuous and controlled dose of nicotine over a 16 hour period. The Nicotrol patch has been specially designed to be worn during the day taken off at night. This is because nicotine can cause sleep disturbances. In clinical studies, patients using the Nicotrol patch reported very few sleep disturbances. Another thing that makes Nicotrol different from other patches is its association with the 'Pathways to Change' support program which is included with Nicotrol patch packages. The program is designed to help you overcome your smoking habit with good advice and information that will help you lead a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle. Nicotrol also sponsors the supplementary online support called 'Nicotrol Helping Hand', offering free, highly personalized online support that identifies your smoking profile and tracks your progress. You can even list friends to be contacted. Nicotrol Helping Hand gives them advice on how to best support you in your quit-smoking efforts. To sign up, please visit It is a proven fact that participating in a support program can substantially increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking.

How does the Nicotrol patch deliver nicotine into your body?
A steady amount of nicotine is slowly released into your bloodstream while you wear the patch. This is approx 0.9 mg of nicotine per hour while you are wearing the Step 1 patch.Your personal level of addiction plays a role in how fast the Nicotrol patch will satisfy your cigarette cravings.

How long after sticking the patch to your skin does the nicotine take to enter your bloodstream?
The nicotine begins to be absorbed into your bloodstream as soon as an appropriate area of your skin makes contact with the patch.

How long does does it take for nicotine to reach a peak amount in my bloodstream?
The Nicotrol patch is geared to provide the highest level of nicotine in the bloodstream within 5 to 10 hours after correct application.

How long does nicotine last in my system?
The half-life of nicotine is around two to three hours, so within 24 hours of using your last patch there will be very little nicotine in your system.

How much Nicotine do the Step 2 and Step 3 patches deliver?
Step 2 (10mg patch) delivers approx. 0.6mg into your bloodstream per hour while wearing the patch.

Step 3 (5mg patch) delivers about 0.3 mg into your bloodstream per hour while wearing the patch.

What if I have lost the Step 3 patch? Could I remain on Step 2 for the final two weeks?
If you cannot move onto the next step, you should consult with your physician for advice.

Do I need any form of prescription to purchase Nicotrol patches?
No, Nicotrol patches are available as over the counter medicine.

How much will Nicotrol patch therapy cost?
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Can I smoke cigarettes while using this product?
No, it is important that you do not smoke while using Nicotrol. If you smoking while using the Nicotrol patch this can lead to too much nicotine in your system, which could cause unpleasant side effects.

Will nicotine show up in a drug test?
No, neither the active ingredient, nicotine, nor its metabolite, will interfere with a drug test.

Should I still use this product even if I smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day?
No. Do not use this product. Nicotrol step-down patches are intended for people who smoke 10 or more cigarettes every day. If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, we highly recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional and discuss the best course of treatment.

Are Nicotrol patches available for people under the age of 18?
It is recommended that you first speak to your doctor about using Nicotrol patches to quit smoking.

What is the sticky adhesive?
Nicotrol patches are composed of :

Nicotine – Stop-smoking aid
Step 1—15 mg
Step 2—10 mg
Step 3—5 mg

Non-woven polyester – Protective liner
Pigmented aluminized polyester – Backing laminate
Polybutene – Adhesive
Polyisobutylene – Adhesive
Siliconized polyester – Adhesive

Can I take a shower or swim with the patch on?
Make sure to check that the edge of the adhesive is firmly secured to the skin, if so, then you can take a shower or go for a swim while wearing the patch. If the patch begins to fall off, then use some additional medical tape to attach it in place.


The most commonly asked questions about using Nicotrol patches

How do I begin my quit smoking program?
You have to make the initial commitment to yourself that you want to stop smoking for good. You are choosing to not let the cigarettes control you! You must set a quit date that is realistic for your personal level of addiction.

How often do I need to use the Nicotrol patches?
Because Nicotrol patches are 16-hour (day-worn) patches.One should be applied upon waking in the morning and be removed before bedtime.

How long should I continue to use the patches?
The maximum recommended duration of NRT treatment with the Nicotrol step-down patches is a 10 weeks period.

Step 1: Apply one 15-mg patch per day for six weeks (7ct-7 days; 14ct-14 days)

Step 2: Apply one 10-mg patch per day for two weeks (14ct-14 days)

Step 3: Apply one 5-mg patch per day for two weeks (14ct-14 days)

Can the Nicotrol patch be used with other nicotine replacement therapies (NRT)?
It is important that you do not use Nicotrol patches with other nicotine replacement therapies unless directed by your doctor.

Why do I have to wait six weeks before proceeding to Step 2 of the program?
The Nicotrol patch system is a step-down program designed to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that you absorb into your body until you can do without it. Studies have shown that you will increase your chances of quitting successfully by finishing the complete program as directed.

Can I wear more than one patch at a time?
No, we recommend that only one patch be worn for the complete 16-hour period. Apply one patch as soon as you wake up in the morning and take it off before going to bed at night. Wearing more than one patch can lead to unpleasant side effects due to the patches delivering excessive levels of nicotine into your body.

Could I cut the patch in half to get less nicotine?
No, it is not a good idea to cut or modify the patches. The Nicotrol patch program was designed to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you absorb into your body until you no longer experience cravings and can do without it. Completing the entire program as directed will greatly increase your chances of quitting successfully.

What if the Nicotrol patch falls off my skin?
Quickly put on a new one, in a different area of skin. Make sure that it is the right strength for the step that you are taking that day. Be sure to remove the patch at bedtime.

What if I forget to take the Nicotrol patch off at night?
No problem. Just remove it when you wake up and put on a fresh patch.

Can I use a patch that has past its printed expiration date?
No, it is not recommended that you use any product which has past its expiration date. The Nicotrol patch may begin to lose its potency after the expiration date.

What if my skin seems red and irritated?
It is common to feel a mild itching, burning, or tingling sensation for the first hour. When you remove the patch you might notice that the skin may be red, but this shouldn't last longer than a day. If any skin redness caused by the patch does not go away after four days, or if your skin begins to swell or a rash appears, stop using the patches and call your doctor.

Can I put a piece of sticky tape over the patch?
The patch is designed to adhere on your skin without the need for extra tape. If it does not stick well, we recommend that you ensure the surface of your skin is clean and dry and/or try replacing it with a fresh patch.

I have already completed the 10 week course but still feel the urge to smoke. Can I start another 10 week course of patches again?
If, following completion of your recommended course of nicotine patches, you still feel the urge to smoke, you should consult with your physician before beginning another course of NRT.

How do I remove the stickyness of the patch adhesive from my skin?
A dermatological adhesive tape remover may be the solution to this problem if normal cleansing does not remove the adhesive from your skin. You may want to also try using rubbing alcohol or acetone. Please consult with your healthcare professional if none of these manage to remove the sticky adhesive from your skin.

How should I dispose of my used Nicotrol patch?
It is best to fold the sticky ends of the Nicotrol patch together and put it back into the original pouch that it came out of before throwing it away. Keep used patches out of the reach of children and pets as they will still contain some nicotine.

How and where should I apply the Nicotrol patch?
When you first wake up in the morning:
Make sure to choose the patch with the right strength for the particular step that you are on that day.

Locate a healthy-looking, clean, dry, and hairless area of skin on your upper arm or hip. Note: You should always apply a new patch and choose a different skin site every day. If possible, it is best to apply the Nicotrol patch at the same time each day that you are on the step-down course.

Cut open the Nicotrol Patch packet just before applying and don't throw away the packet (as you will need it later when you remove and dispose of the patch).

Hold the patch silver side up and peel off half of the clear covering. Now position the patch by pressing the sticky silver side of the patch to your skin at the site you wish to attach the patch. Once you have positioned the patch, peel off the rest of the clear covering.

Use your palm to press the patch firmly down in place and slowly count to 10. Check the edges are properly stuck down. The patch should be flat and smooth on your skin.

Remember to avoid contact with your eyes and other sensitive areas and always wash your hands after handling Nicotrol patches.

At bedtime:
It is time to remove the patch off your skin. It is important not to wear Nicotrol patches for longer than 16 hours. Once you have removed the patch, fold it and place it in back into the packet that you saved from that morning. It is important to discard used Nicotrol patches in a place where they will be out of the reach of children and pets. Remember to wash your hands after handling Nicotrol patches.

Read the nicotine patch full usage instructions.

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