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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Nicabate CQ patches

(Nicabate CQ patches are re-branded NicoDerm patches by GlaxoSmithKline, GSK, ex SmithKline Beecham)

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If people never smoke when sleeping, why is it that they need to keep the Nicabate patch on all night while they sleep?
The Nicabate CQ patch has been designed to be worn for 24 hours. This is because the majority of quitters can experience strong cravings first thing in the morning. There is evidence that wearing a patch overnight can significantly reduce the urge to smoke when waking up in the morning. Wearing the Nicabate patch overnight can help you get off to a good start each day while you are quitting cigarettes.


What should I do if my patch doesn't stick well and keeps falling off on application?
Please check that that your skin wasn't wet at the time of application. Make sure that you press the patch firmly into place on a dry hairless patch of skin. Note: Some soaps, creams or lotions may prevent the patch from sticking if used prior to patch application. It is best not to apply such soaps or moisturisers to the area you wish to use the patch.

For best results the patch should be applied to a clean, dry, hairless part of the skin, so check that you are correcly applying the patch. If the patch still doesn’t stick, you can choose to use medical tape over the patch to hold it securely in place, or switch to a different form of NRT.


How many patches can I use at the same time?
Strictly only one patch should be worn at any one time. A single patch at the dose indicated on the labelling should provide enough nicotine to reduce craving and withdrawal symptoms.


What will happen if I drink alcoholic beverages while using the patch?
It is completely safe to drink alcohol while using the nicotine patch. You may find it better to try and avoid drinking if you find that you usually associate drinking with smoking cigarettes. This is a good idea for the first few weeks of your stop smoking program.


If I purchase a Nicabate CQ program and then don’t use it for several months. How long will it last?
If pouch is unopened, Nicabate CQ patches will last up until the expiry date printed on the pouch. Once the pouch is opened the patch should be immediately applied because exposure to the air will cause it to lose nicotine.


I cut the patch in half to receive less nicotine, will this work?
The Nicabate CQ Patch have been designed to provide the fixed amount of nicotine which helps reduce nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The amount of nicotine has been established during clinical tests and the appropriate amounts of nicotine has been included in the various stages of the Nicabate CQ quitting program. We do not advise cutting or modifying the patches in any way as this may affect the delivery of nicotine and could result in an inappropriate level of nicotine in the blood.


I smoke rollies (roll your own tobacco) can I still use the patch?
Of course. The strength of Nicabate CQ is calculated in the same way as for ordinary cigarettes.


I find the patch difficult to remove, what can I do?
You can use an oil-based product like baby oil to help remove the patch. This will dissolve the adhesive so that you can easily remove the nicotine patch.


What if my Nicabate CQ patch gets wet?
Nicabate CQ is a waterproof patch. You can swim, shower or have a bath for short periods while wearing a nicotine patch. Note: If you plan on swimming for an extended period of time, we would advise using a band-aid, sticky plaster or medical tape to secure the patch in place.


Should I shave the place where I wish to stick the patch?
As shaving can irritate the skin, we would not advise immediately applying the patch after shaving. You should wait for at least 24 hours after shaving before applying the Nicabate CQ patch.


Can I use the Nicabate CQ on top of a tattoo?
No. We recommend you don't apply the patch over any tattoos.


What about using patches on the soles of my feet or on the palms of my hands?
Do not use the patches on the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands as the nicotine may not be absorbed as easily as from other more suitable skin sites (e.g. the arm, shoulder, back or chest). Note: Applying the patch to the hands or feet may also get in the way during your daily activities. Warning: If a nicotine patch is applied to the palm of the hand, the nicotine could be transferred to your eyes or nose through hand to face contact. Nicotine patches and nicotine releasing substances in the patch should be kept away from the eyes and nose.


What happens if a child applies or swallows a patch (used and/or unused)?
A Nicabate CQ patch (used or unused) can contain enough nicotine, or left over nicotine, to be harmful to children.

Make sure to keep your used and unused nicotine patches out of reach of children and dispose of them appropriately. If a child comes into contact or swallows a Nicabate CQ patch that is out of its protective pouch, remove the patch (if possible) and contact a doctor or accident and emergency (A&E) department at your local hospital.

Amounts of nicotine that can be tolerated by adult smokers may produce adverse symptoms if a nicotine patch is applied or swallowed by a child.


My skin is sensitive, how safe is it for me to use nicotine patches?
You should always check with a doctor before using Nicabate CQ Patches. People that have any skin disease, rashes or allergies to adhesives should not use nicotine patches.

If at any time you develop a rash, or if the skin under the patch becomes swollen or very red when using a Nicabate CQ patch, you should immediately stop using the patches and consult your doctor. Note: A mild redness and itching can be common when first using patches, these are minor irritations, and will typically clear away on their own.


Why is it not advised to use the same application site more than once within any seven day period?
The 7 day time period is suggested to minimise the skin irritation. Clinical trials of Nicabate CQ patches determined this length of time as optimal. Application site reactions were the most frequent adverse events reported, but they were usually mild reactions and would quickly pass. During clinical trials, serious skin site reactions were extremely rare. Also, nicotine withdrawal symptoms due to application site reactions was infrequent and the incidence of dry skin due to contact with a nicotine patch has been negligible.


What are the differences between Nicabate CQ, Nicabate CQ Clear and other generic brand nicotine patches?
The Nicabate CQ and Nicabate CQ Clear and other generic nicotine patches differ only in they way they look, the ingredients are very similar. Most nicotine patches are identical in the way they deliver nicotine through the skin as well as the way they are applied and used to prevent cigarette cravings. This means users can choose from many options depending on how they want the patch to look when worn.

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