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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Habitrol patches

(Habitrol patches are re-branded generic transdermal patches marketed by Novartis)

Buy discount Habitrol patches online

What happens if my patch falls off?
If, at any time, your patch falls off or becomes unstuck, remove it and put on a new one. Remove this new patch at your regular time to keep to your step-down course schedule. Whenever you apply a new patch, be sure to press it firmly onto your skin with the palm of your hand and count slowly for about 10 seconds. Pay special attention so that the patch sticks well around the edges. This will prevent moisture and dirt from getting under the patch.

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What should I do if I wet my Habitrol patch?
Water should not harm or affect the patch that you are wearing. You should be able to take a bath, a shower, or go for a swim without the patch lifting off your skin.

What if my skin reacts badly to the patch?
When you first start wearing the patch, you may notice a mild itching, burning, or tingling at the application site. This is completely normal and should go away within an hour of wearing the patch. When you remove a patch, you may observe that the skin underneath the patch might be slightly red. Your skin should not stay red for more than one day. If you discover a skin rash or redness that was caused by the patch, and it does not go away after 4 or more days, or if your skin swells in any way, call your doctor or health professional. Do not attempy to put on a new patch. It may be that you are allergic to one of the components or ingredients of the patch.

How should I store my Habitrol patches?
Keep each Habitrol patch in its protective pouch until you are ready to apply it to your skin. It is best to store your patches between 68 and 77° F (20 to 25° C). This is because components of the patch are sensitive to heat. Storage conditions that are outside of this recommended range could lead to a decrease in adhesion (i.e. make the patches less sticky). This means Habitrol patches should never be stored on the inside of your car, for example, where it can reach much higher temperatures in the summertime. It is also important to keep all unused patches out of the reach of children and pets.

How do I dispose of used patches?
After you remove the patch from your body, fold it in half with the sticky side together and put it into the disposal tray which is provided in the package. It is also important to keep all used patches out of the reach of children and pets, as they will still contain nicotine.

What if I have trouble sleeping when using the patch?
The Habitrol patch has been designed to be worn 24 hours a day. Wearing the patch in this way should help overcome your physical cravings for nicotine in the morning. If you find you are having vivid dreams or any other regular sleep disturbances, you can choose to remove the patch at bedtime and apply a new patch the following morning. Each patch should be applied at around the same time every day.

What if I smoke a cigarette while on the Habitrol patch program?
It is important to note that if you slip at any time and smoke a cigarette, this is not to be seen as a relapse back to smoking. Do not let this mistake make you feel like a failure or cause you to give up on your stop smoking program. Get right back on track immediately. Do not smoke any more cigarettes. Have a think and figure out why you slipped this time, and how you will deal with the people, places or feelings that caused you to have a cigarette. It is important that you do whatever works best for you. Turn your slips into great learning experiences.

Will I be in danger of rapid weight gain?
It can be perfectly normal to gain some weight when you stop smoking cigarettes, but this is no reason to panic, or not to quit smoking. Sometimes the weight change could simply be the result of a change in your metabolism which could be caused by your body’s physical withdrawal from nicotine. Your metabolism will be returning to that of a non-smoker. Be careful not to use high-calorie snack foods as a substitute for cigarettes, as that could also cause you to gain weight, but there are many ways to control it, like adding a regular excercise program into your daily schedule.

These are some general tips which can help you to control your weight by watching what you eat when trying to quit:
- Replace any fattening snack foods that you have with healthy, low-calorie alternatives.
- Always keep low-fat, low-calorie snacks in your car, home and at work.
- Try alternatives to frying your foods, such as boiling, poaching, or steaming your food instead.
- Remove excess fat from meat and peel the skin from poultry before cooking.
- Eat your food more slowly and you will feel fuller sooner on less food.
- Try changing your eating habits to fit in several small meals in a day instead of three (or less) large ones.
- Drink a large glass of water before every meal.

Do Habitrol patches have any known side effects?
You might experience one or more of the following side effects while wearing the Habitrol patch. Side effects include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, diarrhea, nervousness or restlessness, headache, vivid dreams or other sleep disturbances, mood swings and irritability.

Important note: If you experience any of the following side effects, immediatey remove the Habitrol patch that you are wearing and call your doctor. These side effects include severe skin irritation or discoloration, irregular heartbeats or palpitations, severe chest pain or tightening, or any symptoms of nicotine overdose such as extreme paleness, cold sweat, nausea, abnormal salivation, vomiting, abdominal pain, severe headache, disturbed hearing or vision, dizziness, mental confusion, or physical weakness.

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